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    Sun Valley Under-Represented Minority Travel Grant

    Any minority candidate (as defined in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions Regulations, 29 C.F.R. Part 1602, i.e. Native American or Alaska native, Asian or Pacific Islander, African-American or Black and Hispanic) with a terminal graduate degree (PhD, MD, DVM) is eligible. Candidates may be in academia, industry, or government as long as their work is related in some manner to scientific research in the broad field of musculoskeletal biology. Candidates of any age or experience level are encouraged to apply.

    -4 Awards of $1,000 Each
    -2 of the Travel Grants are sponsored by ASBMR
    -Deadline: 15 April 2012

    Young Investigator Awards

    Two types of young investigator awards are available to help support travel of students, fellows and junior investigators (i.e. those at or below the level of Assistant Professor).

    Alice L. Jee Young Investigator Award

    Students, fellows and young investigators up to and including Assistant Professors who receive this award will have the honor of presenting a poster at the Sun Valley Workshop poster session.

    -10 Awards of $800 Each
    -Deadline: 15 April 2012
    The ASBMR/Harold M. Frost Young Investigator Awards 

    The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) established the Harold M. Frost Young Investigator Awards in 2004 to support the Sun Valley Workshop, in which Dr. Frost was an active participant, and to honor his scientific accomplishments in skeletal biology.  These awards of $1500 each will be given to nine young investigators and award winners will present their work from the podium during one of the Sun Valley sessions.  Each will be awarded based on competitive application and review by a committee. Those young investigators who are given an award will present their work from the podium during the Monday evening session.

    The ASBMR staff administers the review process, which includes sending the nomination packets to the review panel, arranging the review panel conference call, and sending out the acceptance letters. The ASBMR President and Sun Valley director each select two members to serve on the nomination review panel. The review panel scores each nomination packet and sends their scores to ASBMR staff who will average the scores and rank the nominees. This program is intended to stimulate young investigator participation by providing the opportunity for presentation of their results.

    -9 Awards of $1500 Each
    -Opens: March 5, 2012
    -Deadline: April 5, 2012


    Participation of Junior Faculty and Students

    The Sun Valley Skeletal Tissue Workshop grew out of a training program for students. At recent conferences (since 1998), nearly half (44-48%) of the participants have been students, fellows or junior faculty members. This exceeds earlier conferences in which about one-third of participants were students or junior faculty. As many as 10 travel awards averaging $800 each are provided to students and fellows from the Alice L. Jee Memorial Fund, the Orthopaedic Research Society and the National Institutes of Health (NIAMS). The emphasis on student and junior faculty training has continued to develop over the years.

    Besides training, a primary focus of the workshop has been on the interaction of younger and more senior investigators. This is accomplished through several means. First, each year, the Workshop sponsors a volleyball game (and provides refreshments) to generate informal interaction between junior and senior scientists. These games have been highly effective in allowing time for informal exchange in a relaxed and nonthreatening atmosphere. Additional informal opportunities for discussion occur at the welcoming and closing receptions and a mid-week banquet. For the latter, a Children's Party (for age 11 and under) is provided to make it easier for young investigators and their spouses to develop relationships with established investigators.

    Contrary to some opinion, the Workshop is not a closed meeting, nor is it by invitation only. The only restriction is in the number of participants, because of the venue. If there are more than 150 applications for attendance, the members of the Advisory Committee (i.e., the chairs of the scientific sessions), based on productivity and currency in the field, will decide in a Gordon Conference style who should attend. Graduate students and fellows will be given preference. The Workshop has never turned down a student, fellow or junior investigator, and especially young clinical investigators, who expressed a desire to attend the Workshop.

    IBMS BONE - Young Investigators Career Discussion

    At Sun Valley we offer young Investigators the opportunity to have lunch or coffee with a Sr. Investigator. It’s a great time for you to ask questions, get advice from the experts and network with your colleagues. You should have received a link to fill in your information - if you haven't please contact IBMS.

    Winners of the 2011 Sun Valley Young Investigator Awards



     2011 Alice L Jee Award Winners:          

    2011 ASBMR/Harold M. Frost Awards Winners:

    Alvin Acerbo

    Anna Fahlgren

    Min Guan

    Katie Hill

    Emily Erin Hohman

    Alayna Loiselle

    Kenneth Alan Philbrick

    Zeynep Seref-Ferlengez

    Maja Seselj

    Ryan Edward Tomlinson

    To view the winning Alice Jee abstracts, click here!

    Blaine Christiansen

    Claire Clarkin

    Eric Hesse

    Yi-Hsiang Hsu

    Sarah Manske

    Meghan McGee-Lawrence

    Jean Regard

    Yongmei Wang

    Baohong Zhao

    To view the winning Frost Abstracts, click here!

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