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    HankKronenbergsig.jpgI would like to welcome members of IBMS and the wider bone/mineral community to the revamped IBMS website. We hope that you’ll find this site easier to navigate and fun to use. You will find links to our meetings, journal, and BoneKEy, the knowledge environment that IBMS created a decade ago to use the power of the internet to facilitate the spread of information about our field.

    It is a time of great excitement in the bone field, but also a time of substantial stress. The devastation of the world economy has had ripples that have affected funding of research by governments and industry, as well as a growing impact on all aspects of medical care. In that environment, the IBMS is committed to finding innovative ways to further our mission. Our most exciting innovation has been the decision to join with the Nature Publishing Group to substantially upgrade the capabilities and performance of IBMS BoneKEy. A portion of the new BoneKEy is “BoneKEy Reports”, an online journal that publishes original research on all topics relevant to the bone community, from clinical observations to laboratory analyses.  BoneKEy Reports will also continue to publish authoritative reviews. The new IBMS BoneKEy is the site for a growing number of activities from webinars, to meeting reports, to portals for affiliates and interest groups in the field. Professor Serge Ferrari, the current Editor-in-Chief of BoneKEy is doing a masterful job of orchestrating all of these new ventures. We are proud that BoneKEy Reports is now the official journal of the IBMS.

    In addition to our journal and BoneKEy, the major activity of IBMS is the sponsorship of meetings. A longstanding but increasingly dominant theme for IBMS has been to partner with societies around the world to assure the highest quality and success of these meetings. Our most recent premier international meeting was held in Kobe, Japan and was co-sponsored with JSBMR; the upcoming meeting will be co-sponsored with the European Calcified Tissue Society in 2015. Our yearly Sun Valley meeting, skillfully run by Professor David Burr, is supported by travel awards to Young Investigators sponsored by the ASBMR. We co-sponsored the meeting of the ICOBR in Xian, China on September 20-23, 2012, along with the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) and the International Chinese Hard Tissue Society (ICHTS). Our multi-disciplinary bone oncology meeting (CIBD), sponsored by the IBMS Cancer and Bone Advisory Committee (formerly CABS), was held in Lyon France. The 13th International Conference on Cancer-Induced Bone Disease (CIBD) will be in Miami, Florida from 7-9 November 2013. We are planning, under the leadership of Roger Boullion, a meeting focusing on investigators starting their independent laboratories, which will be conducted in Brugge (Bruges), Belgium from 16-18 March, 2014.

    With our world-wide mandate, the challenge of communication is daunting. I invite all members and possible members of IBMS with suggestions or comments of any sort to feel free to write to me at  to further this communication. I’ll be updating this letter regularly (a deliberately vague term that will allow for lapses during grant-writing time) and hope to hear from you.


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    IBMS President

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