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    IBMS BoneKEy is the overarching website that contains the BoneKEy   Knowledge Environment, BoneKEy Reports, BoneKEy Community and BoneKEy portals. IBMS BoneKEy is published by Nature Publishing Group on behalf of the International Bone and Mineral Society (IBMS).

    Its mission is to provide a breadth and depth of coverage of the bone field, including coverage of clinical topics such as osteoporosis diagnosis and management, genetics, fracture repair and biomechanics, bone and cancer, as well as basic science subjects such as bone cell and molecular biology. IBMS BoneKEy provides the bone field with an online platform for scientific exchange and community growth based on expert scientific content.


    Official journal of the 
    International Bone and Mineral Society

    IBMS members receive full access to BoneKEy Reports. To access BoneKEy Reports, members must login to the IBMS website, using their IBMS username and password. Once logged in you can click on any of the links to BoneKEy. From the IBMS BoneKEy homepage click on BoneKEy Reports, in the menubar, you will then have full access to BoneKEy Reports.

    Adhering to the highest standards of publication in the scientific community, all content on IBMS BoneKEy is subject to rigorous peer review, copyediting and production procedures. IBMS BoneKEy provides a platform for authors to reach an expert readership, creating an active, vigorous and thriving community through:

    • High-quality opinion and analysis
    • News
    • Meeting Reports
    • Commentaries


    Access BoneKEy Reports 
    Login to your IBMS account to access one of your membership benefits, full access to BoneKEy Reports!

    Access BoneKEy Reports by following the 3 easy steps below: 
    1. Log into IBMS account using username and password
    2. Click the "Remember me" checkbox
    3. Once logged in, click on "BoneKEy Reports" logo on the right hand side of the page


    BoneKEy Reports accepts original research submissions!

    BoneKEy Reports is an online-only journal publishing top-quality review articles and features BoneKEy Watch. This unique literature awareness feature allows users to quickly browse research highlights of all the latest research from across the bone and mineral metabolism field.

    The journal began publishing original research in January 2013.  BoneKEy Reports serves the international community of researchers and physicians with in-depth coverage on all scientific and clinical aspects of bone health and disease.

    Accepting submissions covering areas including, but not limited to:

    • Osteoporosis diagnosis and management
    • Other metabolic bone diseases
    • Bone and cancer
    • Fracture repair and biomechanics
    • Genetics and molecular biology of bone
    • Bone cell biology
    • Hormones and paracrine factors regulating bone

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