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    List of Grants Resources and Funding Agencies

    No matter what stage of your career you are in, we all need money to do competitive research.  Fortunately, there are many funding agencies to choose from.  Navigating through all of the funding options, however, can be complicated.  Different options are available depending on where you do your research and research area.  The Young Investigator Committee compiled a list separated by region and subject area.

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    Feel free to ask questions or comment about different funding opportunities on our Young Investigator Career Advice Blog.

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    The Netherlands
    United Kingdom



    All grants that appear on the IFMRS website (including EU funding)

    Bone+cancer (general)


    Bone+cancer (myeloma)



    (Flanders, Belgium) 
    (Flanders, Belgium) 
    (Wallonia, Belgium) 


    Bone Diseases

    (Italian Society for Osteoporosis, Mineral Metabolism and Skeletal Diseases)

    Rare Genetic Diseases (including bone)

    Cancer (including bone primary tumors and metastases):

    (Italian Association for Cancer Research)
    (Italian Foundation for Cancer Research)

    The Netherlands


    (recently obtained PhD)
    (several years of experience after PhD)



    No specific bone or cartilage-related grant options in the Netherlands

    United Kingdom

    UK (Foundation Fellowships)
    UK (Career Development Fellowships)
    (New Investigator Grant)
    (New Investigator Scheme)
    (Seed Awards in Science)
    (Early Career Scientists)
    (Project Grants, Innovative Awards, PhD studentships)




     Coming Soon

    United States


    The (for Australian citizen postdocs working in the US or American citizen postdocs working in Australia)
    The (CDMRP): These programs have a wide range of applications for stages from training grants, pilot grants, to large clinical trial grants.

    Department of Veteran’s Affairs

      (For junior faculty, research track, etc. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements on time post-training, and be a US citizen. Those interested must contact their local VA ACOS and apply for eligibility)

      (Must apply for eligibility). These grants are only available to investigators who are associated with a VA facility



    The Department of Defense (DOD)/Congressionally Defined Medical Research Program The Department of Defense (DOD)/Congressionally Defined Medical Research Program 

    If your research doesn’t fit specifically under one of these noted above there are many other programs that might fit your work. 


    This is the institution where most cancer work is funded.  However, some is funded by NIAMS and other institutes including the Dental Institute may fund specific cancer related projects.)

    The (for breast cancer and bone in the US; postdoc fellowships available most years)

    The (for cancer and bone in the US; postdoc fellowships available most years)

    The (BCRP) (for breast cancer and bone in the US; postdoc fellowships available most years)

    The Department of Defense (DOD)/Congressionally Defined Medical Research Program These include:

    • (BCRP) 
    • (PCRP)
    • (LCRP)
    • Other opportunities may come under the (PRCRP). The availability of these programs changes from year to year and other opportunities are added, so you need to check often.

    IBMS Young Investigator International Travel Award

    Dana Bliuc, PhD, a Research Officer at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, Australia was selected as the recipient of the 2015 IBMS Young Investigator International Travel Award.

    The award, in the amount of $5,000 USD, provides funding for a well planned trip for an early career researcher to visit research groups within their given focus area to present their work and form new collaborative relationships.

    Dr. Bliuc's award was presented to her during the closing ceremony of the ECTS-IBMS 4th Joint Meeting in Rotterdam by IBMS Young Investigator Co-chairs Michelle McDonald, PhD and Michaela Reagan, PhD.

    ECTS 2015 265.jpg

    Dana Bliuc (center) displays her award with YI Co-chairs Michaela Reagan (left) and Michelle McDonald (right)

    This award is proudly sponsored by PerkinElmer and Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

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