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    IBMS Committees

    Committees are appointed to assist the Board and the Executive Committee in achieving the goals, mission and vision of IBMS.

    Current Committees
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    Awards Committee is responsible for the selection of recipients for Society Awards, Fellowships, and other awards designated by the Board of Directors.

    Cancer and Bone Advisory Committee ensures educational opportunities that allow members to discuss the knowledge and research results relevant to the effects of cancer and cancer treatments on bone and mineral homeostasis. This Advisory Committee provides IBMS members with an educational conference and fellowship on a yearly basis.

    Finance Committee provides assistance to the Board of Directors with respect to the Society budget, investment management, cash management and financial risk management.

    Meetings Committee identifies, solicits, and researches proposals for all future IBMS meetings, whether held in conjunction with other associations or independently, and makes those recommendations to the IBMS Executive Committee.

    Membership Committee encourages the growth of the Society with regards to individual, affiliate, and corporate memberships.

    Nominating Committee is responsible for the selection of candidates for election for the Board of Directors and the Officers, as well as educating candidates about potential duties and responsibilities.

    Publications Committee works towards achieving the highest scientific standard, best management, optimal financial stability and success of IBMS publications. The Publications Committee strives to ensure IBMS publications are highly regarded in the bone field worldwide, are contributing positively to fulfillment of the Society’s mission and are adding value to IBMS members and readers/users of the publications.

    Young Investigator Committee strives to achieve a high representation and development of young investigators within the Society.  

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