Speakers & Session Titles 

    Session: Aging and Bone

    Anabolic new agents - bone formation and infinite increases in BMD (Steve Cummings, Professor, USA)

    Models for fracture prediction and issues in application to China (Kristine Ensrud, Professor, USA)

    The Gravity of Osteoporosis - mechanobiology of bone loss in space and inactivity (Yi-Xian Qin, Professor, USA)

    Age-associated changes in body composition and diabetes: A bone disease? (Hong Zhou, Assoc Professor, Australia)

    Session: Cancer and Bone

    Pathophysiology of bone and cancer (Theresa Guise, Professor, USA)

    Bone pain in cancer (Toshiyuki Yoneda, Professor, USA)

    Session: Osteoarthritis
    TGF-b recruitment in osteoarthritis (Xu Cao, Professor, USA)

    Assessment and management of osteoarthritis (the OA initiative) (Nancy Lane, Professor, USA)

    Session: Skeletal fragility: vertebral and non-vertebral fracture

    Why Bones Fail: Structure and Mechanics (Mark Forwood, Professor, Australia)

    PDGF-BB Secreted by Preosteoclasts Induces CD31hiEmcnhi Vessel Subtype in Coupling Osteogenesis (Xu Cao, Professor, USA)

    Kyphosis: role of osteoporosis and its consequences (Deborah Kado, Assoc Professor, USA)

    Session: Skeletal metabolism

    IGF-1 in skeletal development, remodeling and repair (Dan Bikle, Professor, USA)

    Current concepts in chronic kidney disease-mineral and bone disorder (Seiji Fukumoto, Professor, Japan)

    Diabetes, bone health and fragility (Ann Schwartz, Assoc Professor, USA)

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