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    Theme: The interaction of bone with other organ systems

    Saturday, 2 August


    Sunday, 3 August

    8:00AM-Noon (Continental Room) 
    Regulation of Skeletal Processes by Neuropeptides: Differences between Osteocyte and Osteoblast Receptors (Paul Baldock, Chair) 
    • Introduction (Paul Baldock, Garvin Institute of Medical Research)
    • The role of the Sympathetic Nervous System in control of bone homeostasis (Florent Eleftheriou, Vanderbilt University)
    • Osteoblastic Neuropeptide Y signaling and the control of bone homeostasis (Ivo Kalajzic, Univ of Connecticut)
    • Selective inhibition of AP-1 in AgRP/NPY or CART/POMC, but not SF1, hypothalamic neurons simultaneously increases energy expenditure and bone density in mice (Anna Idelevich, Harvard University)
    • The skeletal response to chronic obesity: Central neuropeptide responses to long term leptin over exposure (Paul Baldock, Garvan Institute of Medical Research) 
    • Leptin stimulates bone formation at very low circulating levels of the hormone (Russell Turner, Oregon State University) 
    • Reduction in Proximal Tibia Compartmental Bone Mineral as a Function of Time since Spinal Cord Injury (Brent Edwards, University of Calgary, Harold M. Frost award winner
    2:00-4:00PM (Sun Valley Lake) 

    7:30-8:30PM (Continental Room)
    Plenary Lecture and RIB Award (Stephen Goldring, HSS)  
    Mechanisms of de-regulated bone remodeling in inflammatory arthritis: Pathology teaches physiology


    8:30-10:30PM (Continental Room) 
    Poster session with wine and cheese following the Plenary Lecture.  All Alice L. Jee Award winners will bring a poster to this session.

    Monday, 4 August

    8:00AM-Noon (Continental Room) 
    Association Between Bone Fragility and Vascular Calcification (Pawel Szulc, Chair)
    • Association between bone fragility and vascular calcification – evidence from epidemiological studies (Pawel Szulc, INSERM, France)
    • Biological mechanisms underlying the association between vascular and bone metabolism (Dwight Towler, Diabetes and Obesity Research Center, Sanford Burnham)
    • Role of matrix vesicles in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular calcification (Elena Aikawa, Brigham and Women's Hospital)
    • Role of the oxidized lipids as factors underlying the association between bone fragility and vascular calcification (Yin Tintut, UCLA) 
    Career Development Workshop (Marjolein van der Meulen, Chair)
    Moderator: Gayle Lester (NIH) 
    Panel Members: David Ke (Amgen), Mary Nakamura (UCSF), Marjolein van der Meulen (Cornell) 

    How do I put together a curriculum vitae?

    (a)  Overview of CV examples

    (b)  Breakout sessions with mentors reviewing each young investigator’s CV

    The Interview Process: A panel discussion centered around interviewing for positions at different levels: postdoctoral, faculty, industry.  Panel members will include a member of a current search committee in an academic department; an industry scientist with experience in hiring; a basic and a clinical scientist working within a clinical department; a departmental chair

    Tuesday, 5 August

    8:00AM-Noon (Continental Room)
    Association between Skeletal Muscle and Bone Biological Biomechanical Properties (Richard Lieber, Chair) 
    • An Overview of Muscle Mechanics and Biology (Richard Lieber, UCSD)
    • How Changes in the Muscle Clock Genes can cause Osteoarthritis in Mouse Models (Karyn Esser, University of Kentucky)
    • Nutrient Regulation of the Muscle-Bone Axis (Mark Hamrick, Georgia Health Sciences Institute)
    • Bone-Muscle-Fat Interactions and the Association with Fractures and Frailty (Andy Kin On Wong, McMaster University) 
    • Deletion of Connexin43 in osteoblasts/osteocytes leads to impaired muscle formation and performance (Hua Shen, Washington University in St. Louis, Alice L. Jee award winner) 
    7:00-10:00PM (Continental Room) 
    Presentations from the winners of the ASBMR/Harold M. Frost Young Investigator Awards. Presentations will be 20 minutes total- 15 minutes to present and 5 minutes for questions.

    Wednesday, 6 August

    8:00AM-Noon (Continental Room) 
    Bone and the Immune System (Roberto Pacifici, Chair)
    • T cells: Unexpected players in the mechanism of action of PTH in bone and hemopoietic systems (Roberto Pacifici, Emory University)
    • Inflammation and Bone (Mary Nakamura, UCSF)
    • The bone disease of HIV and antiretroviral therapy (Neale Weitzmann, Emory University)
    • T cells and bone metastisis (Roberta Faccio, Washington University)
    • Evolutionary medicine and bone loss in chronic inflammatory diseases - a theory of inflammation-related osteopenia (Rainer Straub, University Hospital Regensburg
    • Genome-wide DNA methylation study identifies significant epigenomic changes in osteoarthritic cartilage (Matlock Jeffries, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center) 
    Leave back door at 12:30PM 

    Gut Microbiome Regulation of Bone Health (Laura McCabe, Chair)
    • Gut-Bone signaling overview (Laura McCabe, Michigan State University)
    • Prebiotics, microbiota and bone health (Connie Weaver, Purdue University)
    • Gut inflammation, probiotics and bone health (Laura McCabe, Michigan State University
    • Gut microbiota modulate bone density (Claes Ohlsson, University of Gothenburg)
    • Nod1 and Nod2 signalling mediates the effect of the gut microbiota on cortical bone mass (Klara Sjogren, University of Gothenburg) 

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