Meeting Highlights

     The 43rd International Sun Valley Workshop brought together Young Investigators with Senior Researchers in an atmosphere that allowed for collaboration. A unique quality of this workshop is the relaxed environment. Not only are registrants given the opportunity to attend an amazing Scientific Program, coordinated by David Burr, Ph.D., and members of the Scientific Advisory Committee, but the meeting's location allows for registrants to enjoy the outdoors, through several social activitites planned within the workshop. 

    Experience overviews from Award winners and Travel Grant Winners

    "The workshop provided us a chance to meet so many elite scientists in this field, and introduced the cutting-edge technologies and state of the art progresses. The peaceful scenery and relaxed environment was very enjoyable.  I can’t wait for the next Sun Valley Workshop." - Xiaofang Wang, Harold Frost award winner


    "As a young investigator, I have found friends, inspiration, companionship, practical assistance and more good advice than I can ever fully acknowledge at the IBMS Sun Valley Workshop. I loved the Mentor/Young Investigator lunch. I have gotten wonderful advice from the mentor for my projects, career and even my family relationship. I loved the volleyball game, symphony, banquet and hiking which provided me with such an entertaining time with wonderful sunshine, music, food and beautiful scenery.  I am so happy to be a winner of Alice L. Jee Award which will also be helpful for my academic career." - Tieshi Li, Alice L. Jee award winner

    "As a young investigator, I really enjoyed the Sun Valley Workshop for four reasons: First, the talks were well-organized and represented cutting edge work in emerging fields of interest.  This helped with generating ideas and molding future directions.  Second, the atmosphere of the meeting was casual, which provided opportunities to network and establish collaboration.  Third, the career development session provided information that eased the career planning and expedited success in academia.  Last but not least, though it took an effort to get to the venue, the scenery was breathtaking and I led a healthy lifestyle there.  I will definitely go to the workshop again in future." - Merry Zhechao, Osteoarthritis award winner 

    "I was honored to be the recipient of an Under-Represented Minority award from the IBMS to attend the 2013 Sun Valley Workshop. The application and quality of the work was very competitive which brought together a high level of science for this meeting. But what made Sun Valley different from other meetings is the personal interaction with the senior investigators. If you are a young investigator looking for the best career discussion and top musculoskeletal science surrounded by gorgeous mountains, the Sun Valley Workshop is a must-do for your training." - Patricia Juarez-Camacho, Under-Represented Minority award winner

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