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Scientific Program


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The Program will begin at 5:00 PM on Sunday March 14.

Basic  (March 14 - 16)
Vasilis Ntziachristos - Real time Imaging of gene expression
Naoyuki Takahashi - Cell cycle-arrested osteoclast or precursors-osteoclast niche
Masaru Ishii - Chemokine and lipid mediator-mediated control of osteoclast migration visualized by in vivo bone imaging: A novel point of regulation for bone homeostasis
Florent Elefteriou - Neural Regulation of Bone
Lynda Bonewald - Osteocytes-osteocytic osteolysis
Michaela Kneissel - Regulation of sclerostin
Stefan Mundlos - Chondrogenesis and patterning
Himadri Gupta - Mechanisms of bone deformation and fracture
Matt Brown - Genome-wide studies and statistical issues

Translational  (March 16-17)
Roberto Pacifici - T cells involvement in PTH anabolic actions
Neil Vargesson - Thalidomide-angiogensis-limb deformity
Dan  Roden - Personalized medicine
Felix Wehrli - Noninvasive Assessment of Structural and Mechanical Properties of Trabecular and Cortical Bone by Proton, Deuteron and Phosphorus Magnetic Resonance.
Michael Whyte - Therapeutic Targeting To Bone:  Enzyme Replacement for Hypophosphatasia
Morten Karsdal - Basic studies of osteoclasts from patients with Chloride-7 channel deficiency
Catherine Shanahan - Vascular Calcification

Therapeutic  (March 17-19)
Bill Evans - Fatigue and muscle energetics
Nancy Lane - Management of glucocorticoid osteoporosis
Steve Cummings - Do antiresorptives have adverse effects on bone?
David Ke - Sclerostin, whole development program, including clinical results
Ian Reid - Caclium
M. Neale Weitzmann - Nanotherapeutics: Novel engineered nanoparticles promote bone accretion in vivo
Roger Bouillon - Vitamin D
Serge Ferrari - How long to treat, and what to do when you stop (ie. offsets and rebounds)
Rob Coleman - Anti-tumor effects of bisphosphonate in man  - myth or reality
Matt Smith - Denosumab prostate cancer results and have it put into perspective with  alternatives in management of androgen depletion in men
Klaus Pantel - The role of disseminated tumour cells (DTCs) and circulating tumour cells (CTCs) in the early development of (bone) metastasis

The Program will end at 12:30 PM on Friday March 19.

Program at a Glance: 

The scientific program committee has worked diligently to present a fantastic program format. The workshop will cover the two broad areas of Bone Biology and Bone Therapeutics. The two themes will be explicitly brought together with two overlap sessions focused on Translational Science.  The format will be as follows: 


Keynote Lectures summing up the most important topics in the field today. This will include Hot Topics lectures, selected shortly before the meeting, covering the latest developments in bone and related science.

Oral Presentations that will be chosen from abstracts submitted in advance of the meeting. 

Poster Sessions will remain a fundamental pillar of the meeting and will cover the entire field of skeletal biology and bone therapeutics.

IBMS Davos Workshops: Bone Biology & Therapeutics


Sunday March 14 | Monday March 15 | Tuesday March 16 | Wednesday March 17 |

Thursday March 18 | Friday March 19 

Sunday March 14, 2010                                         
Opening Ceremony
Chairpersons: Jane Aubin (Toronto, Canada); Roger Bouillon (Leuven, Belgium)

17:10- Welcoming remarks
Jane Aubin (Toronto, Canada); Roger Bouillon (Leuven, Belgium)

Invited Lectures
Cell Biology: Recent Advances in Biology

Chairpersons: Jane Aubin (Toronto, Canada); Roger Bouillon (Leuven, Belgium)

18:15-Chondrogenesis and Patterning
Stefan Mundlos (Berlin, Germany)

19:00 IBMS - BONE Opening Lecture
Hedgehog signaling in cartilage pathology: A role in osteoarthritis and chondrosarcoma
Benjamin Alman (Toronto, Canada)

19:00 - 20:00 - Welcome Reception                                        
After Dinner Fireside Chats                                                     
Monday March 15, 2010                                          
Invited Lectures                                         

Cell Biology: Novel Imaging Approaches

08:30–09:30 Real time imaging of gene expression
Vasilis Ntziachristos (Munich, Germany)

09:30–10:00 Refreshments

09:30–10:30 Osteoblast and osteoclast poster viewing - Poster numbers 96–156

Invited Lectures
Cell Biology: Osteoclasts

10:30–11:15 Cell cycle-arrested osteoclast precursors
Naoyuki Takahashi (Nagano, Japan)

11:15–12:00 Chemokine and lipid mediator-mediated control of
osteoclast migration visualized by invivo bone imaging:
A novel point of regulation for bone homeostasis
Masaru Ishii (Osaka, Japan)

Session IBMS - Bone® Young Investigators Workshop/Career Session
Chairpersons: Eric Hesse (Boston, USA), Christa Maes (Leuven, Belgium) and Ulrike Moedder
(Rochester, USA)

12:00–12:25 Obtaining European funding
Petra Hertkorn-Betz and Christine Poupa

12:25–12:50 Associations and your career
Henry Kronenberg (Boston, USA)

12:50–13:15 Writing winning proposals
Jane Aubin (Toronto, Canada)

13:15–13:30 Panel discussion

Cell Biology: Osteoblasts

16:00–16:45 Impact of sympathetic neuron signals on bone
remodeling and cancer metastasis
Florent Elefteriou (Nashville, USA)

16:45–17:30 Osteocyte remodeling of their perilacunar/canalicular
matrix: Hormonal/mechanical regulation
Lynda Bonewald (Kansas City, USA)

17:30–17:50 Refreshments

Oral Presentations
Cell Biology: Osteoblasts

17:50–18:50 Sox2 is required for the self-renewal of the osteoblast
lineage (120)
Alka Mansukhani, Upal Basu Roy, Silvia Nicolis, Claudio Basilico.

Role of the Na-dependent phosphate transporters, PiT-1 and PiT-2, in the osteoblastic response to
phosphate in vitro and in bone growth in vivo (100)
Annabelle Bourgine, Solmaz Khoshniat, Sara Diouani, Paul Pilet, Julie Lesoeur, Martial Masson, Lisa Oliver, Pierre Weiss, Laurent Beck, Jérôme Guicheux.

Over-expression of specific VEGF isoforms differentially enhances and patterns bone formation by
modulating angiogenesis and osteoblast precursors (119)
Christa Maes, Sonia Bartunkova, Katharina Haigh, Sophie Torrekens, Riet Van Looveren, Anna Chan, Andras Nagy, Jody Haigh, Geert Carmeliet.

Inhibition of osterix expression and osteoblast differentiation by Wnt3a in MC3T3-E1 cells (130)
Cyril Thouverey, Joseph Caverzasio

Identification and characterization of 2 missense mutations in the LRP4 gene causing increased bone
mineral density (126)
Elke Piters, Olivier Leupin, Eveline Boudin, Fenna De Freitas, Manuel Bueno, Feliciano Ramos, Peter Itin, Michaela Kneissel, Wim Van Hul

Identifying epigenetic targets in osteosarcoma and differentiating osteoblasts (96)
Emma Baker, Carl Walkley, Natalie Sims, Louise Purton, T John Martin.

Forkhead box O (FoxO) transcription factors in the actions of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 on osteoblasts (105)
Guy Eelen, Els Vanoirbeek, Lieve Verlinden, Rik Gijsbers, Ine Beullens, Mark Van Camp, Ji-Hye Paik, Ronald DePinho, Roger Bouillon, Annemieke Verstuyf.

Autocrine fibroblast growth factor 18 mediates dexamethasone-induced osteogenic differentiation of murine mesenchymal stem cells (122)
Zahia Hamidouche, Olivia Fromigué, Ulrike Nuber, Pascal Vaudin, Jean-Christophe Pages, Regina Ebert, Franz Jakob, Hichem Miraoui, Pierre Marie.

Muscle progenitors make a major contribution to open fracture repair (118)
Renjing Liu, Lauren Peacock, Kathy Mikulec, Alyson Morse, Aaron Schindeler, David Little.

Formation of bony structures by cultured long bone osteoblasts: Potent inhibition by parathyroid hormone (129)
Sarah Taylor, Isabel Orriss, Michelle Key, Jessal Patel, Timothy Arnett

Invited Lecture
Cell Biology

18:50–19:30 Sclerostin regulation and mode of action
Michaela Kneissel (Basel, Switzerland)

After Dinner Fireside Chats

Tuesday March 16, 2010      


Invited Lecture
Cell Biology

08:00–08:45 Initiators and inhibitors in vascular calcification
Catherine Shanahan (London, UK)

Oral Presentations
Cell Biology: Osteoclasts

08:45–09:15 New experimental therapeutic approach by siRNA for autosomal dominant osteopetrosis (ADO) (142)
Andrea Del Fattore, Marta Capannolo, Nadia Rucci, Anna Teti

Urocortin prevents bone resorption by inhibiting a constitutively active transient receptor potential-like
cation channel (137)
Charlotte Combs, Anthony Albert, Timothy Chambers, Kevin Lawrence.

Risedronate reduces intracortical porosity in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis as measured
by a new 3D Micro-CT method (141)
Babul Borah, Tom Dufresne, Joe Nurre, Paula Chmielewski, Roger Phipps, Leigh Mccullough, Mary Bouxsein, Roger Zebaze, Ego Seeman.

Interleukin-34 is expressed by giant cell tumours of bone and plays a key role in RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis (146)
Marc Baud'huin, Romain Renault, Céline Charrier, Anne Riet, Régis Brion, Anne Moreau, Francois Gouin, Laurence Duplomb, Dominique Heymann.

Autophagy and Paget’s disease of bone (147)
Lynne Hocking, Eman Azzam, John Greenhorn, Miep Helfrich, Fraser Coxon

09:15–10:30 Systematic and local regulation of skeletal metabolism poster viewing - Poster numbers 157–200

09:30–10:00 Refreshments

Oral Presentations
Cell Biology: Skeletal Metabolism

10:30–11:20 The differential effects of hypoxia on the osteochondrogenic potential of human adipose-derived stem cells (185)
Christophe Merceron, Claire Vinatier, Sophie Portron, Martial Masson, Jérôme Amiaud, Lydie Guigand, Yan Chérel, Pierre Weiss, Jérôme Guicheux

Loss of bone mineralization by the simultaneous ablation of PHOSPHO1 and alkaline phosphatase
function (188)
Jose Luis Millan, Manisha Yadav, Ana Simao, Sonoko Narisawa, Carmen Huesa, Marc McKee, Colin Farquharson

Mice lacking periostin are resistant to cortical bone loss induced by hind limb suspension (164)
Nicolas Bonnet, Laurence Vico, Serge Ferrari

Neuropeptide Y is critical to the central effects of the endogenous opioid system on bone (161)
Paul Baldock, Frank Driessler, Iris Wong, Brigitte Kieffer, Christoph Schwarzer, Amanda Sainsbury, Herbert Herzog, John Eisman

Interleukin-1-beta disrupts normal chondrogenesis and growth plate development (195)
Stav Simsa-Maziel, Efrat Monsonego Ornan

Absence of bone remodeling compartment canopies correlates with deficient bone formation in postmenopausal women (160)
Thomas Andersen, Ellen Hauge, Jens Bollerslev, Jean-Marie Delaisse

Invited Lecture
Cell Biology

11:20–12:00 Genome-wide studies in osteoporosis
Matt Brown (Brisbane St Lucia, Australia)

IBMS - Bone® Young Investigators Workshop/Career Session
Chairpersons: Eric Hesse (Boston, USA), Christa Maes (Leuven, Belgium) and Ulrike Moedder (Rochester, USA)

12:00–12:25 Obtaining a postdoc in the US and pursuing a career abroad
Florent Elefteriou (Nashville, USA)

12:25–12:50 Obtaining a postdoc in the US and pursuing a career in Europe
Anna Teti (L'Aquila, Italy)

12:50–13:15 Moving from Academia to Pharma
Michaela Kneissel (Basel, Switzerland)

13:15–13:30 Panel discussion

Invited Lectures

16:00–16:40 T cells involvement in PTH anabolic actions
Roberto Pacifici (Atlanta, USA)

16:40–17:20 Beta catenin is a key mediator in the development of intervertebral disc tissue degeneration
Di Chen (Rochester, USA)

17:20–18:00 Therapeutic targeting to bone: Enzyme replacement for hypophosphatasia
Michael Whyte (St. Louis, USA)

18:00–18:20 Refreshments

Invited Lectures

18:20–19:00 Noninvasive assessment of structural and mechanical properties of trabecular and cortical bone by proton, deuteron and phosphorous magnetic resonance
Felix Wehrli (Philadelphia, USA)

19:00–19:45 Mechanisms of bone deformation and fracture
Himadri Gupta (London, UK)

 Wednesday March 17, 2010    


Invited Lectures

08:00–08:45 Lessons learned from ClC-7 deficiency: Are all antiresorptives the same?
Morten Karsdal (Nordic Bioscience)

08:45–09:30 Actions of PTH on bone
Henry Kronenberg (Boston, USA)

09:30–10:00 Refreshments

09:30–10:30 Bone therapeutics - Benign conditions poster viewing- Poster numbers 29–66

Oral Presentations

10:30–11:30 Abnormal bone microindentation test in a diaphiseal femur fracture after long-term bisphosponates (39)
Roberto Güerri, Adolfo Diez-Perez, Gemma Vila, ElisabetLerma, Ignasi Rodriguez-Pinto, Mellibovsky, Enric Caceres, Xavier Nogues, Paul Hansma

Growth hormone in combination with bisphosphonate treatment in osteogenesis imperfecta (29)
Francesco Doro, Paolo Cavarzere, Elena Monti, Giacomo Venturi, Silvano Adami, Franco Antoniazzi

Zoledronic acid induces IPP release from cancer cells which causes Vgamma9Vdelta2 T cell expansion in PBMCs (86)
Satu Arkko, Jukka Mönkkönen, Seppo Auriola, Irene Rosell Dronda, Ismahene Benzaid, Verena Stresing, Philippe Clezardin, Hannu Mönkkönen

Osteogenesis with BMP-2 variant L51P in a critical size defect model in rats (194)
Hans-Jörg Sebald, Mark Siegrist, Frank Klenke, Willy Hofstetter, Walter Sebald

Autocrine/paracrine action of Vitamin D on FGF23 expression in cultured rat osteoblasts (169)
Wen-jing Tang, Li-fang Wang, Xiao-ya Xu, Yi Zhou, Wei-fang Jin, Hong-fu Wang, Jianjun Gao

Regulation of semaphorin 3 family members and their receptors by 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3
Lieve Verlinden, Carsten Kriebitzsch, Guy Eelen, Ine Beullens, Mark Van Camp, Biauw Keng Tan, Bart De Moor, Kathleen Marchal, Roger Bouillon, Annemieke Verstuyf

Homozygous deletion of dickkopf-1 results in a high bone mass phenotype (184)
Michelle McDonald, Alyson Morse, Paul Baldock, Lauren Peacock, Poh-Lynn Khoo, Patrick Tam, David Little

The N-terminal domain of the bone protein PRoline/arginine-rich End Leucine-rich repeat Protein
(PRELP) impairs osteoclast formation by a new mechanism inhibiting NF-kappaB signaling (151)
Nadia Rucci, Anna Rufo, Marina Alamanou, Mattia Capulli, Andrea Del Fattore, Emma Åhrman, Daria Capece, Valeria Iansante, Francesca Zazzeroni, Edoardo Alesse, Dick Heinegård, Anna Teti

Zoledronate-induced IPP/ApppI (Phosphoantigen) accumulation in human breast cancer cells correlates
with Vγ9Vδ2 T cell-mediated cancer cell death in vitro and in vivo (93)
Ismahene Benzaid, Hannu Mönkkönen, Verena Stresing, Edith Bonnelye, Jonathan Green, Jukka Mönkkönen, Philippe Clézardin

Isolation and characterization of osteoclast precursors in vivo (150)
Toshihide Mizoguchi, Akinori Muto, Atsushi Arai, Yasuhiro Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Udagawa, Naoyuki Takahashi

Invited Lecture

11:30–12:00 Cathespin K: A novel molecular therapeutic target for osteoporosis: Discovery of odanacatib
Sevgi Rodan (Bryn Mawr, USA)


Satellite Symposium
Prevention and therapy of bone metastases:
Aspects beyond drug efficacy
Sponsored by F. Hoffmann-La Roche LTD

Chairpersons: I. J. Diel, Germany and A. H. A. Kurth, Germany

16:00–17:30 Introduction
A. H. A. Kurth (Germany)

How important is a bisphosphonate with less adverse events for the quality of life?
I. J. Diel (Germany)

New data for the renal safety of Bondronat®: The REBOND study results
L. Frimat (France)

Is there a possibility to improve quality of life in the end stage of patients with breast cancer and bone
A. H. A. Kurth (Germany)

Osteonecrosis of the jaw: updated experience, actual data from the German ONJ-Register
D. Felsenberg (Germany)

The viability of different cell types under Bisphosphonate influence
Chr. Walter (Germany)

Panel Q & A with question card and discussion

Invited Lectures
Bone Therapeutics

17:30–18:00 The pathophysiology and treatment of glucocorticoid induced osteoporosis
Nancy Lane (Davis, USA)

18:00–18:20 Refreshments

Session Satellite Symposium
Inhibition of bone resorption with RANK ligand inhibitor or bisphosphonates: What is the

Sponsored by Amgen/GSK
Chairperson: Graham Russell (Oxford, England)

18:30–20:00 The cellular evidence
Graham Russell (Oxford, England)

The preclinical evidence
Serge Ferrari (Geneva, Switzerland)

The clinical evidence
Ian Reid (Auckland, NZ)

Panel Discussion

After Dinner Fireside Chats


Thursday March 18, 2010   

Invited Lectures
Bone Therapeutics

08:00–08:40 Sclerostin is an important target for stimulating bone formation, restoring bone mass and enhancing fracture healing
David Ke (Amgen)

08:40–09:20 Calcium supplement effects on vascular events - Is it worth the risk?
Ian Reid (Auckland, NZ)

09:20–10:00 Nanotherapeutics: Novel engineered nanoparticles promote bone accretion in vivo
M. Neale Weitzmann (Atlanta, USA)

10:00–10:30 Refreshments

10:00–11:00 Bone therapeutics - Malignancy poster viewing - Poster numbers 67–95

Oral Presentations
Bone Therapeutics - Benign Conditions

11:00–12:00 Effect of denosumab on the incidence of hip and new vertebral fractures in postmenopausal women with high fracture risk: A subanalysis of the FREEDOM
study (52)
Kurt Lippuner, Jonathan Adachi, Steven Cummings, Zulema Man, Jordi Farrerons, Ove Törring, John Gallagher, Mike McClung, Nathalie Franchimont, Javier San Martin, Andrea Wang, Steven Boonen.

Denosumab and alendronate have different effects at the ultradistal radius in postmenopausal women
with low bone mass (54)
Cesar Libanati, Ego Seeman, Thierry Thomas, Steven Boyd, Stephanie Boutroy, Elizabeth Shane, David Hanley, Cesar Bogado, Angela Cheung, Sharmila Majumdar, Deborah Sellmayer, Ann Kearns, Pierre Delmas, Michelle Fan, Jose Zanchetta.

Safety and tolerability of bazedoxifene in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis: Results of a 5-year, randomized, placebo-controlled phase 3 trial (36)
T. de Villiers, D. Kendler, A. Chines, P. Lips, J. Kaufman, A. Levine, N. Mairon, C. Codreanu, D. Felsenberg, J. Brown

Sclerostin neutralising antibody enhances healing of tibial metaphyseal defect in an OVX rat model
Michelle McDonald, Alyson Morse, Lauren Peacock, Kathy Mikulec, Paul Baldock, Min Liu, Hua Zhu “David" Ke, David Little

Preservation of cancellous bone microarchitecture by an antagonist of IL-15 in a mouse model of colitis
Dominique Pierroz, Serge Ferrari, Sylvie Ferrari-Lacraz

The ability of bisphosphonates and their analogues to penetrate the osteocyte network is dependent on
affinity for bone (38)
Fraser Coxon, Anke Roelofs, Alan Boyde, Mark Lundy, Charles McKenna, Katarzyna Blazewska, Shuting Sun, Boris Kashemirov, Xuchen Duan, Graham Russell, Aysha Khalid, Michael Rogers, Frank Ebetino

Sclerostin neutralizing antibody enhances bone healing during distraction osteogenesis in rats (50)
Michelle McDonald, Lauren Peacock, Kathy Mikulec, Oliver Birke, Min Liu, Scott Wasserman, Hua Zhu “David” Ke, David Little

A soluble BMP antagonist polypeptide increases bone mass and improves bone strength (64)
Nicolas Solban, Milton Cornwall-Brady, Yoshimi Kawamoto, Dianne Sako, June Liu, Kathleen Tomkinson, Benjamin Umiker, Travis Monnell, Shana Walrond, Rita Sleeves, Kathryn Underwood, Ravi Kumar, Jasbir Seehra, R. Scott Pearsall

Treatment of congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia using recombinant bone morphogenetic protein and
bisphosphonates (35)
Oliver Birke, Aaron Schindeler, Manoj Ramachandran, Lauren Peacock, Kathy Mikulec, Alyson Morse, Nicole Yu, Paul Baldock, Chris Cowell, Craig Munns, Michael Bellemore, David Little.

Sustained efficacy of bazedoxifene in preventing fractures in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis:
Results of a 5-year, randomized, placebo-controlled study (63)
S. Silverman, A. Chines, J. Zanchetta, H. Genant, D. Kendler, F. Rio de la Loza, A. Kung, G. Constantine, J. Adachi.


Satellite Symposium
Sharing Insights on Musculoskeletal Health

Sponsored by MSD
Chairperson: Ann De Papp (Upper Gwynedd, USA)

16:00–17:30 Odanacatib: An effective bone resorption inhibitor with potential anabolic action on cortical bone
Le Duong, Ph.D. (West Point, PA)

Bone microarchitectural changes in response to odanacatib therapy: A multi modality approach
Paul J. McCracken, Ph.D. (West Point, PA)

Age-related sarcopenia: A muscle-wasting disorder leading to loss of independence
Dimitris A. Papanicolaou, M.D. (Rahway, NJ)

Invited Lectures
Bone Therapeutics

IBMS - Bone Herbert Fleisch Memorial Lecture
17:30–18:15 The adverse effects and safety of bisphosphonates
Steve Cummings (San Francisco, USA)

18:15–18:45 Genetics of muscle
Eric Orwoll (Portland, USA)

18:45–19:00 Break

Invited Lectures
Bone Therapeutics

19:00–19:30 Vitamin D is a multifunctional hormone
Roger Bouillon (Leuven, Belgium)

19:30–20:00 How long to treat, and what to do when you stop?
Serge Ferrari (Geneva, Switzerland)

After Dinner Fireside Chats
Friday March 19, 2010                                         

Satellite Symposium

Applying the science of bone biology to improve clinical outcomes for oncology patients

Sponsored by Novartis Oncology

08:00–09:30 Background on bone biology and microenvironment,

preclinical study DTCs

Anticancer data from clinical trials and the future

Oral Presentations
Bone Therapeutics - Malignan

09:30–10:00 Toxicity of bisphosphonate-treated bones to epithelial

cells is related to bisphosphonate potency—Mechanism of ONJ? (90)
Ian Reid, Usha Bava, Jillian Cornish

RANKL silencing by siRNA improves therapeutic response of primary osteosarcoma to conventional

chemotherapy (91)
Julie Rousseau
, Virginie Escriou, Régis Brion, Séverine Battaglia, Dominique Heymann, Françoise Rédini, Valérie Trichet.

Expression of lyosophospholipase D/autotaxin by breast cancer cells controls bone metastasis formation

by increasing osteoclast differentiation (88)
Marion David, Estelle Wannecq, Silvia Jansen, Blandine Deux, Johnny Ribeiro, Claire-Marie Serre, Sandra Grès, Nathalie Bendriss-Vermare, Mathieu Bollen, Jean-Sébastien Saulnier-Blache, Philippe Clézardin,
Olivier Peyruchaud

Results from a phase 3 randomized, double-blind, double-dummy clinical trial comparing denosumab

with zoledronic acid for the management of bone metastases in patients with advanced solid tumors or
multiple myeloma (95)

Roger von Moos
, David Henry, Saroj Vadhan-Raj, Vania Hungria, Andrew Spencer, Vera Hirsh, Jianming Wang, Jun Susie, Yeh Howard, Roger Dansey.

Effect of ibandronate on tumor cells in the bone marrow and in blood in patients with primary breast

cancer. A pilot study (80)
Sabine Kasimir-Bauer
, Cornelia Goldnau, Bahriye Aktas, Rainer Kimmig, Oliver Hoffmann.

10:00–10:30 Break

Invited Lectures
Bone Therapeutics

10:30–11:10 Denosumab to prevent disease and treatment-related skeletal complications in men with prostate cancer: Emerging evidence

Matt Smith (Boston, USA)

11:10–11:50 Anti-tumor effects of bisphosphonate in man—Myth

or reality?
Rob Coleman (Sheffield, UK)

11:50–12:30 The role of disseminated tumour cells and circulating tumour cells in the early development of (bone) metastasis

Klaus Pantel (Hamburg, Germany)

12:30–12:40 Closing remarks
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