For over two years now, the International Bone and Mineral Society has been privileged to collaborate with leadership of the world’s musculoskeletal research societies. That collaboration has led to incorporation of the International Federation of Musculoskeletal Research Societies (IFMRS), with a governing board representing the eight founding member organizations. Founding members of IFMRS are: ASBMR, ANZBMS, ECTS, IBMS, ICMRS, JSBMR, ORS, SIBOMM. The mission of IFMRS is: To promote excellence in bone and mineral research by fostering closer ties amongst musculoskeletal societies around the world with the aim of raising global awareness of the importance of musculoskeletal research, fostering integration of clinical and basic science, and facilitating the translation of that science to health care and clinical practice.

To maximize its support and eliminate any possible competition with this new global Federation (whose mission is nearly identical to the historical mission of IBMS), IBMS chose to stop accepting membership applications and renewals effective January 1, 2016. Furthermore, IBMS leadership has worked closely with the IFMRS Board of Directors to ensure that existing IBMS commitments be fulfilled in coordination with IFMRS.

Consistent with the spirit of the collaboration explained above, IBMS is suspending its operations, with an intent to dissolve on or about 31 December 2016. Nature Publishing Group (NPG), the publisher of BoneKEy Reports journal, is extending subscriptions to all 2015 IBMS members through 31 December 2016. If you were a 2015 member of IBMS, and wish to extend your BoneKEy Reports subscription through 31 December 2016, please contact NPG at For more information on IFMRS, please contact:

Amanda Sherwood
IFMRS Executive Officer
+44 (0)1454 610255

Thank you,

IBMS Headquarters