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    Call for Abstracts is Now Open until 7 December 2015

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    Call for Abstracts closes 27 November 2015 extended to 7 December 2015
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    The Herbert Fleisch Workshop is designed to bring together excellent international investigators and young and mid-career scientists working in bone and cartilage research, for vigorous data discussion and networking. Students, postdocs, and early stage PIs are therefore particularly encouraged to submit an abstract. All aspects of bone biology, basic and applied, are welcomed. As guidance, the scientific content of the meeting including submitted abstracts is expected to include the following aspects of skeletal health and disease:

    • Skeletal development and growth
    • Human and mouse genetics of skeletal diseases
    • Osteo-anabolic research and osteoblast biology
    • Bone remodeling and osteoclast biology
    • Osteocytes and mechano-biology of bone
    • Integrative physiology
    • Mechanisms of skeletal diseases and translational research
    • Fracture repair and skeletal tissue regeneration
    • Skeletal complications of cancer 

    There will be both oral and poster presentations at the meeting, with much emphasis on discussion of posters, including active participation of the invited senior scientists. Those selected for oral presentations must additionally bring a poster about their work as well, to ensure discussion of the work throughout the meeting.

    All are welcome as participants, with priority in programming given to young investigators.

    Travel Grants are available for selected abstract submitters – more information can be found here.

    Abstract format
    Please provide the following items when submitting your abstract: 
    • Please provide a clear and concise title
    • Authors and affiliations
    • The abstract body should contain no more than 400 words
    • List up to 3 keywords
    Please note that all required fields must be completed to save and submit the form. After hitting ‘submit’ you will be able to edit your submission up until the Call for Abstracts closes and the review process begins.

    Will my abstract be published?
    Abstracts will not be published, nor made available before or beyond the meeting. Abstracts are printed exclusively in the handout booklet distributed to registered participants upon their arrival on-site. Participants agree to maintain the confidentiality of the data discussed at the meeting.  

    A report giving an overview of the scientific content of the meeting may be written and published in the online journal BoneKey Reports as done after the first Herbert Fleisch Workshop in 2014 (the report can be found .) Abstract submitters are welcome to indicate that they do not wish their work to be covered in the report.

    Poster guidelines
    All presenters MUST bring a poster that will be displayed for the whole period of the meeting. This includes those who are also invited to give an oral presentation. This is particularly important, since informal discussions around posters will take place throughout the meeting. Such discussions are a major feature of the meeting, with senior people available at all times to discuss your work and plans.

    The poster boards will be 230 cm in height and 100 cm in width; please prepare your poster in a vertical orientation and fitting these maximal dimensions of the boards (see picture). 

    We suggest you to prepare a vertical poster of approximately 120 cm in height and 85 cm in width, for instance by selecting the standard PAPER SIZE A0 (118,9 x 84,1 cm or 46.8 x 33.1 inch).

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