Congratulations to the Sun Valley Award and Travel Grant Recipients
    Under-Represented Minority Travel Grant 
    • Iris Boraschi, McGill University; Interactions between osteoclast and full length collagen type I and its degradation products
    • Tiffiny Butler, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Increased marrow adipose tissue following Spinal Cord Injury
    • Jean de la Croix Ndong, Vanderbilt University; Controlled local delivery of Trametinib combined to rBMP2 promotes osteoblast differentiation and bone healing in Nf1Osx-/- mice.
    Alice L. Jee Young Investigator Award 
    • Rakesh Bijarnia, University of Bern; Amelioration of vascular calcification by sodium thiosulfate: role of matrix vesicles
    • M. Ete Chan, Stony Brook University; Mechanical Signals May Improve Bone Quality in T2D via Enhancing Mesenchymal Stem Cell and its Paracrine Regulation of Osteoblasts
    • Blaine Christiansen, University of California-Davis Medical Center; Diminished bone adaptation to mechanical loading in mice with reduced sensory nerve function
    • Erica Clickenbeard, Indiana University School of Medicine; Evidence for HIF1-independent FGF23 control during iron deficiency anemia
    • Neha Dole, Univeristy of Connecticut Health Center; A single nucleotide polymorphism in osteonectin 3’ untranslated region regulates bone volume and is targeted by miR-433
    • Yi Fan, Harvard School of Dental Medicine; Deletion of PTH1R expression from limb mesenchyme affects systemic mineral ion homeostasis
    • Jennifer Krauss, Washington University School of Medicine; NLRP12 is a Critical Negative Regulator of Alternative NF-кB Signaling in Bone
    • Brya Matthews, University of Connecticut Health Center; Characterization of Cells that Contribute to Heterotopic Ossification in Muscle
    • Stephen Schlecht, University of Michigan; Do African-Americans and Caucasians build long bones in fundamentally different ways?
    • Hua Shen, Washington University in St. Louis; Deletion of Connexin43 in osteoblasts/osteocytes leads to impaired muscle formation and performance
    • Hus-Wen Tseng, University of Queensland Diamantina Institute; Endochondral bone formation and advanced enthesitis are key features of PGISP mouse model of Ankylosing Spondylitis
    Osteoarthritis Award
    • Yan Jing, Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry; Defective Chondrocytes are Directly Transformed to Bone and Vessel Cells in Osteoarthritis Patients
    ASBMR/Harold M. Frost Young Investigator Award
    • Andrea Alford, University of Michigan; Thrombospondin-2 contributes to whole bone mechanical properties by modulating collagenfibrillogenesis
    • Abhishek Chandra, University of Pennsylvania; PTH alleviates radiation-induced osteoporosis by improving DNA repair through canonical Wnt pathway
    • Brent Edwards, University of Calgary; Reduction in Proximal Tibia Compartmental Bone Mineral as a Function of Time since Spinal Cord Injury
    • Kyu-Sang Joeng, Baylor College of Medicine; WNT1 is one of the major WNT ligands regulating bone homeostasis
    • Natalie Kelly, Cornell University; RNA Seq-based Gene Expression in Mechanically Loaded Mouse Cortical and Cancellous Bone 
    • Oran Kennedy, New York University School of Medicine; Acute Knee Injury Causes Microdamage in Subchondral Bone: A Potential Role in PTOA?
    • Anthony Lau, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Comparing Effects of Spaceflight and Hind Limb Unloading with a Sclerostin Antibody Countermeasure on Bone Strength Using Finite Element Analysis
    • Nicola Napoli, University Campus Bio-Medico di Roma; Bone, myokines and lifestyle intervention in elderly obese
    • Zhendong Zhong, University of California, Davis; Progesterone Receptor in Bone Cells Regulates Bone Mass Accrual
    Charles H. Turner Award
    • Perla Reyes-Fernandez, Purdue University  

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