Young Investigator Career Workshops
    Organizers: Young Investigator Committee
    Note: no fee applies for any of these activities

    Young Investigator Career Workshop 1: “Experiences from being a postdoc abroad” Tuesday May 28, 11:00-12:00

    Spending a significant period abroad as a postdoc is considered an enriching experience, both personally and professionally. But moving to a different country can be very challenging as well. How important is doing a postdoc abroad for your career? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing science in another country? What prestige or recognition does international experience offer, and how does it affect your chances of getting a good position in your home country? How can it help in building networks and research collaboration later on? What do you think is the difference between postdoctoral work in America, Europe, and Australia? In this workshop, the scientific, professional and sociological dimensions of doing a postdoc abroad are discussed.

    Target audience
    This workshop is intended to offer career information and guidance to young investigators, particularly those at the transitional stage between PhD and postdoc.

    Session outline
    The workshop will include short presentations from four speakers each with a different testimonial about life as a postdoc abroad. These introductions will be followed by a podium panel discussion based on questions from the audience, allowing informal interaction between the audience and the presenters.

    12:00 Overview: Impact of a postdoc period abroad, Dr. Toshiyuki Yoneda

    12:10 Experiences of doing a postdoc in North America, Dr. Tomoki Nakashima

    12:20 Experiences of doing a postdoc in Europe, Dr. Ritsuko Masuyama

    12:30 Experiences of doing a postdoc in Australia, Dr. Nobuyuki Udagawa

    12:40 Panel Discussion 
    All speakers

    13:00 Close


    IBMS Young Investigator Career Workshop 2: “How does the publication process work? – Insights from Editors”
    Wednesday May 29, 7:00-8:00 (breakfast included)

    This Young Investigator Career Workshop is dedicated to better understand the publication process and intends to offer information and guidance on the editorial process to young investigators. It will cover different steps in the process of writing and submitting a paper, authorship politics, editorial handling (‘what happens to my paper after submission?’), the peer-review process, and how to handle and respond to reviewers’ comments.

    Target audience
    This workshop is intended for young investigators at all stages of their career.

    Session outline
    The workshop will include short presentations from speakers with established publication track records and profound insights in the editorial handling of submitted manuscripts. Each of the invited speakers will give a personal statement, followed by a podium panel discussion based on questions from the audience. Confirmed speakers:

    - Dr. Roland Baron, Editor-in-Chief of BONE

    - Dr. Juliet Compston, appointed the new Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research (JBMR) 

    - Dr. Ego Seeman, Editor-in-Chief of Progress in Osteoporosis, Associated Editor Osteoporosis International

    - Dr. Toshio Matsumoto, Associate Editor of BoneKEy 


    IBMS Young Investigator Scientific Seminar
    Friday May 31, 17:45-19:30 (including a wine & cheese reception)

    Seminar format 
    This science blast session will have short oral presentations by young investigators that were not selected for oral presentation on the main conference program. The seminar will cover topics in the fields of basic, translational, and clinical bone biology, communicated by participating young investigators. Presenters and participants are encouraged to vividly discuss the work. The seminar will conclude with a social gathering where drinks will be served. 

    This seminar intends to provide an open and informal forum for young investigators at the very early stage of their careers to gain experience in presenting their work, and to discuss their work in a friendly, small-scale and none intimidating atmosphere. The seminar offers a platform for students and postdocs to meet their colleague young investigators in the field.

    Learning goals
    After participating in the seminar, participants should have gained experience of communicating their work and discussing the work presented by others. They will have made new contacts and potential collaborations; have discussed pitfalls, hints and tricks of bone research methodology.

    Target audience
    This seminar is mainly intended for young investigators at the early stage of their career. Attendance is open, but eligibility for participation as presenter is limited to students and postdocs up to two years after PhD graduation. Basic, translational, and clinical work can be selected for this seminar, through a second anonymous review process of eligible abstracts. Please indicate upon abstract submission if you would like your work to be considered for presentation in this session, by checking the Young Investigator Seminar box during the online submission procedure. Authors will be informed about the selection of their work for this seminar in March 2013.

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