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IBMS Davos Workshops: Bone Biology & Therapeutics
Davos, Switzerland
March 9-14, 2008

Dr. Herbert Fleisch has hosted the well known Bone Workshops in Davos, Switzerland since 1985 - upon Dr. Fleisch's retirement in 2006, and due to popular demand, IBMS agreed to assume the organizational role for the Workshops. IBMS is expanding the focus of the Workshops to include the broader area of Bone Therapeutics. The Workshops will have the same intimate feeling that participants have enjoyed for twenty years and will continue to take place at the Congress Center in Davos, Switzerland.

Meeting Chair:
Ian Reid, M.D., President IBMS
Honorary Chair:
Herbert Fleisch, M.D., Ph.D.
IBMS together with Heidi Triet

Davos 2008  

Steering Committee Members
Scientific Program Committee Members
Ian Reid, Chair
Ian Reid, Chair
Herbert Fleisch, Honorary Chair
Jean Jacques Body
Jane Aubin
Mary Bouxein
Roland Baron
Frank Ebitino
Juliet Compston
Roberto Civitelli
Matthew Gillespie
Theresa Guise
Francis Glorieux
Gerard Karsenty
Gregory R. Mundy
Stavros Manolagas
Masaki Noda
T. Jack Martin
Socrates Papapoulos
Roberto Pacifici
Stuart Ralston
Nicky Partridge
Mike Rogers
Lawrence Raisz
Graham Russell
Ernestina Schipani
Dwight Towler

Sponsorship and Exhibitor Information

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