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Mission, Goals and Principles

Mission Statement
IBMS is the international organization that facilitates the generation and dissemination of knowledge of bone and mineral metabolism through communication, community, training, and multi-disciplinary meetings throughout the world.

In carrying out its mission, IBMS represents, involves and serves its multinational constituencies, only supports the highest quality initiatives and is at the forefront of science. IBMS places great emphasis on training and education, fosters international networking and promotes basic and clinical research.

IBMS initiatives are designed to achieve

  • International cooperation
  • Promotion and dissemination of knowledge in the bone field
  • Increased education and awareness
  • Improving diagnostic techniques for bone diseases
  • Generation of major new discoveries
  • Development of treatments
  • Prevention of bone diseases.

by providing access to information and a unique network of professionals around the world.

The IBMS Network
IBMS provides a platform for 2,500 researchers and clinicians from 64+ countries. In addition, IBMS works closely with over 30 national and regional bone groups [link to Partner section - affiliated societies], expanding the IBMS network to over 10,000 professionals in the field. IBMS also engages in the outreach to other medical specialties to increase inter-disciplinary awareness and education.

IBMS's comprehensive educational programs promote the understanding of bone diseases, their causes, manifestations and treatment options. Membership in IBMS gives you access to the latest advances and state-of-the-art information from around the globe.


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